Chandelier Lighting Installation Houston Driving around Houston you will see lots of grand homes with lavish yards and glamorous exteriors. A great way to add a regal touch, to your home or business, that grabs everyone’s attention is by installing a chandelier. While chandeliers are one of the most opulent choices when it comes to Read More

A home’s electrical panel should have a lengthy lifespan but just like everything, it can’t last forever. Here are some of the determining factors that your breaker box requires repair or replacement.    Dimming or Flickering Lights  If your lights aren’t connected to a dimmer switch they should never dim or flicker. If you do Read More

Home Electrical Panel Upgrade in Houston Have you ever noticed one of your light fixtures burning through bulbs at a quicker rate than the others? Or maybe you find yourself making frequent trips to the breaker box to reset tripped circuits? Did you know that these could be signs that there is a problem with Read More

Everyone wants to have a home that utilizes modern energy-efficient systems. With more affordable bills and higher quality performance it’s easy to see why energy-efficiency is trending all over. One of the number one methods of switching your home over to improve the efficiency is by upgrading your lights. What is High-Efficiency Lighting? Simply put, Read More